and join us at our annual event…

Making Waves For Women’s Empowerment

Chelsea Piers Sunset Terrace
Wednesday November 9th, 2016
6:00-9:00 pm

For this year’s fundraising event, AGF is inspired by the strong women who constantly overcome the cycle of discrimination and subjugation of the workplace, cultural influence and interpersonal relations. In Fall this year, AGF will provide a space for the NYC community to come together and commemorate the achievements of hard-working women. In the room, we are set to have a business powerhouse and entrepreneur Honoree, as well as 25 other influential women ranging from entrepreneurs, business leaders, athletes- including a gold medalist, artists, super-star yogis, pro surfers and international journalists.

Making Waves for Women’s Empowerment is not just a chance for raising funds for women-in-need; it’s a platform for sharing powerful stories and insight into personal trajectories. Join us in breaking a sweat, as we bring light to those strong women who made us the people we are today!

Contact our Programs Manager, Laura Bishop, at and learn how to participate.


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